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Iridium Satellite Tracking

Iridium Satellite Tracking IoT Starter Kit


Iridium Satellite

Iridium 9602N Short Burst Data modem with TTL level communication allows developer to interface directly to Raspberry Pi3 to become a Raspberry Pi Satellite communicator, or to any microcontroller or PC.

Iridium 9602N enables two-way satellite data communication in areas not serviced by cellular network. With GPS RF Pass-Through Technology, this starter kit will reduce cost by utilizing one antenna for both Iridium Satellites and GPS/GNSS applications.

Key Features of the Iridium Satellite IoT Kit:

  • Configurable SBD Transmission Interval
  • Configurable GPS/GNSS Data Logging
  • USB Powered 5V
  • GPS RF Pass-Through Technology
  • LED indication
  • Customizable IoT Application
  • ┬áConnection to IoT Cloud


Iridium Satellite tracking with Raspberry Pi3 Single Board Computer


Iridium Tracking IoT Starter Kit enables you to transmit and receive short messages from anywhere in the world using satellite communication.

It allows you to monitor sensor data and track the location of your assets or devices. The kit has an on-board GNSS capability which receives accurate location data from GNSS/GPS satellites. Iridium 9602N modem will transmit the location data through the Iridium satellites using Short Burst Data (SBD) transmission. The SBD message is then forwarded to delivery address by Iridium server.

The key function of Iridium Satellite Tracker

This Iridium Satellite IoT Starter Kit is connected directly to a Raspberry Pi3. It grants you the flexibility to customize your IoT application and increase the capability of your solution. The kit also has a data logging function which saves location coordinates into the SD card on Raspberry Pi3. With Raspberry Pi3, the Satellite kit can publish the sensor and GNSS/GPS data to IoT Cloud when it has Wi-Fi connection.


Iridium Satellite Tracker Map

The image above shows the location data displayed on a map in the cloud portal. Each point of the data has latitude, longitude, as well as the timestamp and address.

This portal also has a feature for users to navigate through the location coordinates in chronological order. Users can easily configure the setting of the kit by accessing a local webserver running on the Raspberry Pi. On the webserver, users can configure SBD transmission interval, view the recent location data and publish data to the cloud. Iridium Tracking IoT Starter Kit is flexible and ideal for rapid prototyping of IoT application (monitor, track and control),


Types of applications for the Iridium Satellite Tracking Device:

Crane Satellite Tracking System

vehicle satellite tracking system

Vehicle Satellite Tracker

ship navigation and satellite tracking

Ship Navigation and Satellite Tracking


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