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Electronics Gadgets, Development Kits and Modules for Electronics Engineers

LATEST: Technology Gadgets & Single Board Computer and System-on-Modules(SOM) for Electronics Maker

This blog is cater for electronics designers, hobbyist, professionals and students who loves electronics design.  You will find the latest about electronics technology gadgets, system-on-module (SOM), Single boards computer (SBC) and development kits and Tools.


Embedded Development Tools & Single Board Computers Design Trend… What’s Hot!!!.

As embedded system is getting more complex, embedded processors & Microprocessors getting more sophisticated, its a challenge for most electronics system designers to kickoff their projects without having a good understanding and hands on to these complex embedded processors & software.

Time to market is critical to electronics design engineer and OEMs who want to launch products into the market fast. While these embedded products design cycles may takes a few months of hardware development and RTOS porting and applications customization, it’s critical for electronics and software designer to understand the inside out of the embedded design.

To ease these design challenges and complex embedded design and software & RTOS (Real Time Operating System) integration, electronics gadgets, System on Modules and single board computers are developed by Design Houses or electronics component distributors to help ease design challenges, quicken time to market and reduce investment in additional resources and manufacturing issues.

Design Ideas Using a Single Embedded Controller Board


This websites will introduce and review the latest Tech gadgets, development kits and modules, System on Modules(SOM), Single Board Computers where you can choose from for your product design.  Some of these development Kits includes the hottest electronics development gadgets Raspberry Pi, Arduino and UDOO.  A detailed product introduction and its accessories for each module will also be reviewed.

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